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At what age should my cat be neutered?

Neutering at around 6 months will prevent unwanted kittens and possible health and social problems in the future.


What's the cost of neutering?

Click here for our price list. Members of our popular Pet Health Plan get a 10% saving off neutering.


To prevent Early Dental Disease we recommend:


Hills Oral Care: Large kibble that the teeth have to penetrate deeply before they start to break up.


Logic Gel: A tasty gel that the cat licks from your finger. It contains gentle enzymes that will help break down the tartar.


Finger Brushes: Very effective if you have an amenable cat.


For More Advanced Disease

Hills TD Diet: this is more chewy than Hills Oral Care and may help to break down existing tartar. HOWEVER, IN GENERAL IT IS MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE TO BOOK YOUR CAT IN FOR A DENTAL DESCALE UNDER ANAESTHETIC. The teeth will be individually examined, cleaned and polished. The mouth will then be in good shape to use some of the products above to prevent further decay.


Free nurse clinics are available if you would like your cat's teeth checked.

Neutering & Dental