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Why should I microchip my cat?

A large number of cats go missing every year. If they are found and brought to a vet, pet charity inspector or the council warden they can be scanned and traced back to you in a matter of hours. The chip is implanted by injection and this can be done during a nurse or vet clinic. It causes very little or no discomfort on injection, and is inert so should cause no problem at all afterwards.


Microchipping is included in our popular Pet Health Plan. For more information click here.


Is it fair to have an indoor cat?

Many cats in Southsea are indoor cats - we live in one of the most densely populated areas of the country, and this goes for the feline population too. "Flat cats" often remain healthier than outdoor cats as they get into fewer scrapes and pick up less disease. However, if you choose to have an indoor cat you will need to think about increased costs of litter and be prepared to spend more time playing with them so that they get enough exercise and do not get bored.


Is my cat overweight?

About 50% of cats are overweight! This is mainly due to lack of exercise and overeating. There are many serious health problems associated with obesity, such as heart problems, arthritis and even diabetes mellitus. If you can’t feel your cat’s ribs easily then it may be time to bring your cat to the surgery for a free weight check.