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TEL: 02392 831000

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The Clinic is a unique veterinary surgery devoted to cats. Unsuprisingly all of our staff have a passion for our feline friends and we aim to give cat lovers the best possible veterinary experience.


From the moment you walk into our clinic both you and your cat should feel relaxed and at ease. No barking dogs, no exotic pets, no stress - just a calm friendly, feline welcome..


We offer a comprehensive service for all types of cats. From routine care, to  nutritional advice, and from free nurse clinics to ultrasound and everything between.


In fact we're pretty convinced that we can offer you any cat related treatment.


We call it our "Catisfaction Promise" - you should just think of it as peace of mind.


Please feel free to pop in for a visit or phone us on 02392 831000 if you have any queries.